Border Collies range in energy.  Though many resources state that they do not make good family pets, especially around small children that is certainly not the case. As with people, the dogs range greatly in terms of energy level and personalities. While we have some dogs that need to go to sport homes (agility, herding, frisbee, flyball, etc.), we have many in families with young children.  The best thing to do is to be open in terms of color and gender because it will likely be easier to find a pup that will fit into your life.  When you come to look at pups, they have had nearly seven weeks worth of temperament testing and it would be in your best interest to listen to what the breeder says as they have been raised with us.  Temperaments may change once they have left Branchwater as it is then up to you to work to decide what will be allowed, and continue obedience.