Finale and Mat Puppies May 28th, 2016

Finale and Mat’s final litter was born on May 28th. After having a litter of all males, Finale gave us her three little girls. We named our girls after purple flowers. The girls are fighters as they had a hard time starting off. However, after the first 12 hours they really got going and just didn’t stop! Finale was a good mom and the girls are plump little pups. The girls range in drive but are all sweet as can be. We look forward to watching this final litter grow as Finale enjoys retirement.

Female 1 “Lavender” -Now ZuZu
Female 2 “Violet” -Now Denali
Female 3 “Lupine” -Now Loop

See the purple flower pups from 1 day to 8 weeks (and beyond) below