BWBC Clover    ABC 366409

BWBC Wyn’s Lucky Clover    AKC DN311541/01

DOB April 25, 2011

BWBC/O Wyn and AutabInPicturz

OFA Good
CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Clover Pedigree

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Clover is a very driven dog. With her handler, Olivia Cawley, Clover competes in disc dog competitions, agility competitions, and rally/obedience.  Clover has earned her Community Canine title from the AKC and is working towards new agility, rally, and obedience titles.  In 2014 Clover qualified at last chance qualifier for Worlds after less than 11 months of competitive frisbee, she gave a commendable performance and placed 13th overall.  Though she is an “all-around” dog, both she and Olivia prefer disc competitions. Although Clover is a very driven dog, she is very well mannered when it comes time to be calm.  Clover loves children and will happily curl up while a family member is reading a book.

UPDATE: In 2016, Clover qualified for the Skyhoundz Worlds Youth Division and will be attending in September.