BWBC Babble   ABC 394775

BWBC Something to Talk About    DN37588801

DOB July 13, 2013

BWBC/O Race for the Rose and AutabInPicturz

Babble’s Pedigree

OFA Good
CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal


After seeing what Clover is capable of, it was decided that we would repeat the Wyn x Dealer breeding.  Babble has not let us down.  She is the sweetest pup and loves to run.  She is a little Houdini and takes pride in the fact that she can figure out a way to get out of just about any crate.  She is a very smart little puppy and is a joy to be around.  Weighing about 25 pounds, she is much smaller than her older sister but just as fast.  We look forward to watching her mature and grow!