For health checks, see each parent.  All breeding males have had their DNA test, all breeding dogs have had hips checked by OFA ( and blood tests done for genetic problems including Collie Eye Anomaly.

Puppy Clover Clover at 3

What they have upon leaving Branchwater

  • Annual Bordatella
  • Microchip (will need to be registered by you through HomeAgain
  • Health Certificate
  • Completed their wormers (Panacur, Albon, Nemex)

What you need to do within the first year

  • Around 10 weeks old- DHPP booster and start Heartworm preventative (Revolution or Sentinel)
  • Around 13 weeks old- DHPP/DAPP booster and Lymes shot 1
  • 16 weeks DHPP/DAPP booster, Lymes 2, and Rabies

 Continuation through life

  • Annual shots or titers (DHPP/DAPP, Bordatella, Canine Influenza)
  • Rabies every third year (a one year booster around a year and a half)
  • Monthly heartworm preventative (only Revolution or Sentinel NOT Heartgard)
  • Ensure your dog is a healthy weight (feel free to bring the dog to Branchwater to check)