BWBC Brodie    ABC 378784

BWBC Smart Dressed Man    AKC DN338742/03

DOB February 2, 2012

BWBC CiCi and QL Mat

OFA Good
CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal


Brodie is a great dog in every aspect.  Brodie was originally sold but upon seeing how much drive he has for the disc, he came back and has been a successful disc dog ever since.  Brodie is a very sweet tempered boy and loves to cuddle but has a lot of drive for the disc and has qualified for Worlds every year since he came back to us.  Brodie is a nice sized dog and has the best qualities of both blood lines. Though many people worry about males marking, as an intact male, Brodie has yet to mark and has absolutely no aggression at all even living with other intact males.  We have not yet had a litter from Brodie but he is available for out stud to approved females. In 2016, Brodie qualified for DDAT worlds in Bullseye.