Bairdcreek’s Sagehill Underworld Rising   AKC DN20304703

DOB December 24, 2007

Bairdcreek’s Olive and Bairdcreek’s Brutee

OFA Excellent
CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal


Wolfe is a block of muscle and has a great personality.  He came to us at 3 years old and has astounded us ever since with his amazing ability to jump vertically higher than our heads.  He is a very driven dog and his pups share this drive. Wolfe is also very laid back and is content to sit at the feet of anyone he is around. From his Branchwater litter to Irie, one pup is doing agility and one is a disc and nose-works fiend.  Wolfe has produced very affectionate pups who share his larger build. Wolfe’s litter to Clover produced high drive, smart pups who are excelling in all their endeavors.