Puppy Pricing


Over the years, our prices have changed just as the prices of many other things have changed. While we do not feel the need to justify our prices, we have had many people surprised. The cost of a BWBC is $1,000. All of our breeding dogs are health tested which is a costly expense, not to mention the time we put into training each and every one of our dogs to ensure they represent Branchwater well. While with us, the pups receive a great deal of attention and focus during the 8 week period. If you break down a daily cost of raising the pup, it comes out to about $18 per day. That is prior to factoring in food, vaccines, and microchips. We love our puppies and the relationships we build with those families with whom we place them. We hope to serve the families well and provide them with a well socialized and well loved pup.