Boarding Kennels

We will be increasing boarding prices on February 15, 2023. New prices are reflected below.

Branchwater has a licensed boarding kennel.  The kennels are 6′ by 3′ inside and 12′ by 3′ outside. Dogs have constant access to the entire run as the inside and outside are connected by a dog door.  If your dog does not know how to use the dog door we will prop it to ensure they have access to the outside at all times.  Inside each kennel is a rubber mat for the dog(s).   The kennels are air conditioned and heated to ensure that the animals are comfortable typically in the range of 65-75 degrees.  Kennels are cleaned two or more times a day to ensure that the environment is sanitary.  Visits to the kennels can be scheduled by emailing or calling 410-771-0071.

Below is a form to request dates as well information on our rates, policies, and kennel staff.

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Please be aware of the following Branchwater Border Collies boarding polices. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We must receive a copy of your dog(s) vaccination records and completed boarding contract before dropping off for boarding.

Making Reservations
To make reservations for your dog to visit with us while you are on vacation, please contact us:

If you are planning on vacationing during peak times (May 1-Sep 30, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break (Late March-April), please make your reservations well in advance and let us know if you need to cancel ASAP.

Vaccinations Required for Boarding
Branchwater requires the following vaccines: Rabies, Bordatella (Kennel Cough), Distemper, hepatitis (adenovirus -2 and -1), parvo, parainfluenza (abrev: DHPP or DA2PPV), and Leptospira Vaccine.

Payment Policy
Branchwater can only accept cash or checks.  Please be warned that we do not always have cash on hand as change.

Returned Check Policy
There will be a $20 service fee for all returned checks.

Cancellation Policy
If for some reason you have to cancel during the peak time of the year please give at least a week notice.  If we are not aware of your cancellation or you are a “no-show”  you will need to pay for half the price of what your boarding would have been.

We will be closed on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day
Palm Sunday
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Christmas Eve (No Afternoon Hours)
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve (No Afternoon Hours)


The following rates apply for the services listed below. Please note that payment may be made by check or cash only.
We do not accept Mastercard/Visa.


$35/dog/day for one dog in one dog kennel

$30/dog/day for two dogs in one dog kennel ($60/day)
(MUST be able to get along together at all times including during feeding)

Services Available

  • Bathing
    $40/dog for dogs 40 lbs and under
    $50/dog for dogs over 40 lbs
  • Branchwater Provided Food
    We always recommend that puppy parents bring the food that they are used to eating at home in a plastic container. We recommend that when bringing food, you include at least 1 extra day of food for every 5 days of the stay. Often, weather can postpone trips and we would hate to run out of a dog’s food. At this time, we are feeding Victor brand food. It is not grain free. 
  • Administer Provided Medication

Extra Exercise Options

  • One Dog
    $10 for 20 minutes once/day
    $8 for 15 minutes once/day
    $6 for 10 minutes once/day
    $20 for 20 minutes twice/day
    $16 for 15 minutes twice/day
    $12 for 10 minutes twice/day
  • Two or more dogs at the same time
    $15 for 20 minutes once/day
    $12 for 15 minutes once/day
    $9 for 10 minutes once/day
    $30 for 20 minutes twice/day
    $24 for 15 minutes twice/day
    $18 for 10 minutes twice/day


Listed below are our drop-off and pick-up hours:

Monday-Friday8-10 am4-6 pm
Saturday-Sunday8-10 am-none

*Holidays that we are closed are listed in our policies below.

What to Bring

When boarding your dog at a kennel it is critical that both you and your dog are prepared. This list is not all encompassing but should help to guide you in what to bring.  If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call or email.  For dogs boarding for the first time, it can be helpful to do a short trial run. This helps your dog get used to the new environment and understand that you are not abandoning them.

Health Certificate/Vaccine Record (REQUIRED for Boarding)

First and most importantly, you must bring a vaccine record or fax it to 410-584-2784.  If you do not have it for drop off we cannot take your dog(s). Branchwater requires the following vaccines:

  • Rabies
  • Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
  • Distemper, hepatitis (adenovirus -2 and -1), parvo, parainfluenza (abrev: DHPP or DA2PPV)
  • Leptospira Vaccine

Other things to bring/consider bringing:

  • Please bring any medications your dog(s) may be on, and a way to dispense the pills, or shots if needed (peanut butter, cheese, pill pockets, etc).  When your dog requires medication we ask that you bring the medication in a pill box so that it is very obvious which pills your dog needs and when.  To dispense pills, it costs an extra $2 a day per dog.
  • Branchwater has food on hand, however, if your dog is on a different food please bring that food in a plastic container.  Branchwater has three foods readily available; Purina Dog Chow, Purina Pro Plan, and Blue Seal.
  • Treats are optional but if your dog is fearful of new people, or you want the dog trained, please bring treats.
  • Bedding is optional. Though each kennel has a rubber mat, and in the Summer, many dogs prefer to lay on the ground as it is cool, beds can be brought.  Please realize that if you choose to bring a bed we are not responsible for what happens to it!!
  • Many dogs prefer having things from home, such as a favorite toy or bone.  Please be mindful when your bring a toy or bone to bring a safe one.  We recommend that the toys are large and sturdy, for example a Kong toy, Nylabone, etc.  Please be careful in your bone selection, as there is not always someone right in the kennel with your dog, it is recommended that you bring a bone that does not break easily, and is not too small.  Rawhide can be hazardous and is not recommended.

Please note that you do not need to bring bowls. We will provide bowls for the dogs.

Kennel Staff

  • Doreen Suchting
  • Olivia Cawley
  • Julie Fitchett
  • Mary Nichols
  • Daryan Sullivan

Drop Off and Pick Up Hours
It is expected that you respect our drop off and pick up hours.  If you show up late, we reserve the right to not let you drop off/ pick up your dog(s) that day.

Date Request Contact Form

In order to request dates please fill out the contact form below.  During peak boarding times (Late December, mid March-mid April, and Memorial-Labor day) be sure to contact us at least three weeks prior to the dates you are requesting.  We look forward to watching your dogs!


“Cinnamon was adopted when she was just a year old.  She had had a rough life prior to joining our family.  The thought of boarding her was difficult.  We were so fortunate a neighbor told us about “Branchwater Farms”.  Cinnamon is affectionately cared for in a spacious, clean facility. I would highly recommend Branchwater Farms to board your family pets.”                    -Joanne

My dog Wombat always comes home happy from Branchwater’s farm.  The staff is friendly and invested in Wombat’s health.  The facility is clean and well maintained. I appreciate the staff because they understand herding breeds and know how to work with my Australian Cattle Dog.  We won’t be taking Wombat anywhere else!                        -Antoinette

Amber has been “going to camp” at Branchwater on a regular basis for 12 years. Doreen and her staff are so well trained in handling the dogs. I never have to remind anyone that Amber has bad knees; they all seem to remember her and her special needs.  They have worked with me, when needed, giving pills or accommodating special diets, and the kennels are always clean and dry, with plenty of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Its perfect for us!                    -Lynne

We have been sending our black lab to Branchwater Kennels for many, many years.  Doreen and the kennel were recommended to us by a friend, and I am so happy to have gotten the recommendation!  In fact, I always pass along this gem of a kennel when asked by others.  Doreen and her staff are always pleasant, and respond promptly to requests.  They love dogs, and I know Lily is well taken care of while we are away.           -Rosalee