3D ResumePlay! ABC 498185

3D Resume Play! DN647293/02
Pedigree • Male • Born August 16, 2020
OFA Excellent • CEA/CH Clear

BWBC Bubba Gump ABC 442697

BWBC Bubba Gump DN527199/01
Pedigree • Male • Born October 31, 2016
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Bubba is a very sweet boy that we fell in love with immediately. He is incredibly athletic and can jump like no one’s business (even putting Jenny and Wolfe to shame). He is a very well tempered boy. We are excited to watch this boy grow and learn with/ from him!

BWBC Dexter ABC 450746

BWBC Dexter AKC DN533846/01
Pedigree • Male • Born April 4th, 2017
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

After years without a dark male, we searched and found Dexter. We fell in love with his sweet disposition and goofy pre-teen look. He joined our crew at 4 months, and it was an easy transition since Dexter was raised on a farm. He currently resides in PA and is a wonderful hiking companion. We look forward to seeing what comes of his pups!

QL Mat ABC 323936

QL Mat AKC DN242176/01
Pedigree • Male • Born June 6, 2008
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Mat is a wonderful dog, and Branchwater is lucky to call him one of our own. Mat came to Branchwater at the age of two and immediately won over our hearts. He had previously herded, and his tracking easily transferred over to disc. Mat consistently placed in the top five for extreme disc at the Worlds when he was trialing. Though Mat is a very driven dog, he is very people focused when there is not a frisbee. He loves nothing more than to snuggle up and show off his smile. Mat is a charmer who wins over anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him.

frisbee photos courtesy of Wayne Ramsay Photography (

RedSky Hubble ABC 431440

Redsky Hubble AKC DN527200/01
Pedigree • Male • Born June 10, 2015
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage

Hubble came to Branchwater at 2 years old. He is a fiercely loyal dog, having claimed Doreen as his person from his first day at Branchwater. While he is certainly Doreen’s dog, Hubble gives hugs to most anyone who asks. Hubble has medium herding drive but is a very controlled dog and in tune with his handler.

Sagehill’s It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere! BWBC AKC DN56944104

Pedigree • Male • Born January 10, 2019
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Studs Not Owned by Branchwater

BWBC Nightmare Before Christmas DN446639/03

Male • Born November 11, 2015
OFA Excellent • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal
Parents: BWBC Clover ABC 366409 and Bairdcreek’s Sagehill Underworld Rising AKC DN203047/03