Current Litters

Available: March 8, 2023 — ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: L & M Star ABC 396577 and 3D ResumePlay! ABC 498185
Information:  2 females, 1 male — black & white, black & white merle

Available: January 5, 2023 — ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: BWBC Kinky ABC 451525 and BWBC Nightmare Before Christmas DN46639/03
Information:  1 female, 3 males — black & white, lilac & white

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Previous Litters

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Over the years, our prices have changed just as the prices of many other things have changed. While we do not feel the need to justify our prices, we have had many people surprised. The cost of a BWBC is $1,500. All of our breeding dogs are health tested which is a costly expense, not to mention the time we put into training each and every one of our dogs to ensure they represent Branchwater well. While with us, the pups receive a great deal of attention and focus during the 8 week period. If you break down a daily cost of raising the pup, it comes out to about $27 per day. That is prior to factoring in food, vaccines, and microchips. We love our puppies and the relationships we build with those families with whom we place them. We hope to serve the families well and provide them with a well socialized and well loved pup.

Your Puppy’s Health

Your puppy’s health begins with the parent. All of our breeding dogs (males and females) have had their hips checked by OFA (offa.org) and genetic blood tests including Collie Eye Anomaly. The males have also had their DNA test done for AKC.

Before leaving Branchwater, each puppy will have

  • Health Certificate from the Vet showing their Annual Bordatella and initial DHPP/DAP vaccinations
  • Completed their wormers (Panacur, Albon, Nemex)
  • Microchip (will need to be registered by you through HomeAgain homeagain.com)

In the first year, you will need to follow up with your own vet

  • around 10 weeks old: get their DHPP booster and start Heartworm preventative (Revolution or Sentinel)
  • around 13 weeks old: get their DHPP/DAPP booster and Lymes shot 1
  • around 16 weeks old: get their Lymes shot 2 and their Rabies

Afterwards, your dog will need

  • Annual shots for Bordatella, Lymes, and Canine Influenze
  • Shots every third year for Rabies and DHPP/DAPP (one year boosters will be needed initially around a year to a year-and-a-half)
  • Monthly heartworm preventative (only Revolution or Sentinel – NOT Heartgard)
  • Ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight

A Border Collie’s Energy

Border Collies range in energy. Though many resources state that they do not make good family pets, especially around small children that is certainly not the case. As with people, the dogs range greatly in terms of energy level and personalities. While we have some dogs that need to go to sport homes (agility, herding, frisbee, flyball, etc.), we have many in families with young children. The best thing to do is to be open in terms of color and gender because it will likely be easier to find a pup that will fit into your life. When you come to look at pups, they have had nearly seven weeks worth of temperament testing and it would be in your best interest to listen to what the breeder says as they have been raised with us. Temperaments may change once they have left Branchwater as it is then up to you to work to decide what will be allowed, and continue obedience.

Crate Training

When buying a crate, choose a metal crate and pick the size crate that your puppy will need once they are full-grown. When puppies are too small for a crate, a divider can be purchased or you can put a milk crate in the dog crate. Fabric crates work well for use in cars.

The benefits to crate training are that

  • Your puppy/dog is safe.
    When in the crate, your dog cannot get into anything that they should not.
  • Your furniture is safe.
    If your dog gets bored, they may chew on things or play with things in your house that they should not.
  • Your dog has a place to call their own. It is a safe place for them.
    Dogs grow to love a crate and may choose to go into it during a thunderstorm or just to relax.

It is important to make sure that the crate is a safe place for your dog by removing the dog’s collar before crating and to only give your dog durable toys in the crate (Kong, pressed bones, antlers, etc).

Wait List Request

The wait list fluctuates and wait will depend on what you are looking for as well as planned litters. Please click here to fill out the wait list request form, and we will get back to you with more information.

Our Puppies after they leave Branchwater

Click here to check out updates on our puppies once they have their forever homes.

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