Retired BWBC

5H BWBC Alzada ABC 394192

Our Dogs - 5H BWBC Alzada

5H BWBC Alzada AKC DN45274001

Pedigree • Male • Born February 14, 2013
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage • TNS Normal by Parentage • IGS Normal by Parentage

Alzada came to us from 5H (a breeder in Alzada, Montana). He was initially shy but quickly came to love spending time with people. He is eager to please and loves herding sheep and ducks. He is so full of energy.

5H Jenny ABC 407363

5H Jenny AKC DN45274201
Pedigree • Female • Born May 25, 2014
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage • TNS Normal by Parentage • IGS Normal by Parentage

Jenny came to Branchwater in February 2015. She was a herding in Texas but having some troubles getting along with another dog on the farm. Knowing that Jenny was Alzada’s half-sister, we outreached to the previous owners. She has been a blast since the day she arrived and gets along well with the Branchwater crew. Jenny is very bubbly, affectionate, has a huge amount of toy drive, and loves the disc. We are hoping to see her sweet temperament and affectionate nature in any future pups.

AutaBInPicturz ABC 222514

Our Dogs - AutabInPicturz

AutabinPicturz  AKC DN05345201

Pedigree • Male • Born March 1, 2002
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Dealer came to Branchwater at 1 year old and is a traditional Scottish build with a fuller coat. He is a lovable dog that greeted visitors with a spin and a tail wag. Dealer pups are versatile and in almost every sport including herding, agility, Frisbee, and flyball. Dealer succumbed to his age in July of 2016. We will miss him a great deal but are so lucky to have so many of his babies and grand babies to continue his legacy.

Bairdcreek’s Sagehill Underworld Rising AKC DN203047/03

Pedigree • Male • Born December 24, 2007
OFA Excellent • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Wolfie is a block of muscle and has a great personality. He came to us at 3 years old and has astounded us ever since with his amazing ability to jump vertically higher than our heads. He is a very driven dog, and his pups share that drive. Wolfie is also very laid back and is content to sit at your feet. Wolfie has produced very affectionate pups who share his larger build.

Bess ABC 92268

Our Dogs - Bess

Pedigree • Female • Born June 10, 1993
OFA Good

Black’s LC ABC 271823

Black’s LC AKC DN13126201
Pedigree • Female • Born July 9, 2005
OFA Excellent • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

LC is from Branchwater lines further back on both sides. She was a very successful herding dog and competed in nursery trials. Many of LC and Dealer’s puppies have followed in her footsteps competing in herding or herding for business (Fredrick Geese Police). LC has some pups competing as agility dogs as well including Donna Brown’s Suzy.

Bonnie Blue AKC DN107177/02

Pedigree • Female • April 19, 2004
OFA Good

BPF Thunder ABC 295349

Pedigree • Female • Born September 27, 2006
OFA Fair

Thunder had a strong herding instinct and was one of Branchwater’s largest females at that time. She loved to “give hugs” and was very people and toy focused…especially her Kong toy. We bred Thunder to calmer male for family pups, and some of the Thunder/Max pups did some agility and Frisbee.

BW Seldom Seen ABC 213063

Our Dogs - BW Seldom Seen

BW Seldom Seen AKC DN05345201
Pedigree • Female • Born January 14, 2002
OFA Excellent • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

BWBC Adda Rose ABC 298980

Our Dogs - BWBC Adda Rose 2

BWBC Adda Rose AKC DN17219702
Pedigree • Female • Born October 31, 2006
OFA Fair • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Adda was one of the first Rosa/Legend breedings. She did some agility succeeding as many of her litter-mates. She is social and willing to meeting new people with hugs. Adda pups have done herding, agility, and Frisbee.

BWBC Amber ABC 40445

Our Dogs - BWBC Amber

Pedigree • Female • Born June 19, 1993
OFA Good

BWBC Annie ABC 76460

Our Dogs - BWBC Annie

Pedigree • Female • Born October 27, 1995
OFA Good

BWBC Babble ABC 394775

BWBC Something to Talk About DN37588801
Pedigree • Female • Born July 13, 2013
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

After seeing Clover’s litter, we decided to repeat the BWBC/O Wyn and AutaBInPicturz breeding. Babble has not let us down. She is the sweetest pup and loves to run. She is a smart dog and takes pride in her Houdini ability to get out of almost any crate. Weighing about 25 pounds, she is much smaller than her older sister but just as fast.

BWBC Bea Quick ABC 142327

Our Dogs - BWBC Bea Quick

BWBC Bea Quick AKC DL81640201
Pedigree • Female • Born January 9, 1999
OFA Good

BWBC Briscoe ABC 240029

Our Dogs - BWBC Briscoe

BWBC Briscoe AKC DN06456503
Pedigree • Male • Born December 5, 2003
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

BWBC Brodie ABC 378784

Our Dogs - BWBC Brodie

BWBC Sharp Dressed Man AKC DN33874203
Pedigree • Male • Born February 2, 2012
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Brodie was a great dog in every aspect and was a successful disc dog including qualifying for Worlds every year. Brodie was also a very sweet tempered boy and loved to cuddle.

BWBC Can Zoom ABC 189280

Our Dogs - BWBC Can Zoom

BWBC Can Zoom AKC DL89852801
Pedigree • Female • Born February 22, 2001
OFA Good

BWBC Christie ABC 23862

Our Dogs - BWBC Christie

BWBC Christie AKC DL816405/01
Pedigree • Female • Born March 26, 1991
OFA Good

BWBC Clover ABC 366409

BWBC Wyn’s Lucky Clover AKC DN311541/01
Pedigree •  Female • Born April 25, 2011
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Clover is a very driven dog yet well-mannered. Clover earned her AKC Community Canine title and competes in disc dog, agility, and rally/obedience with her handler, Olivia. They have competed in World disc competitions (2014 and 2016). When it’s time to unwind, Clover will happily curl up with her family.

BWBC Cinder ABC 97508

Our Dogs - BWBC Cinder

BWBC Cinder AKC DL81640001
Pedigree • Female • Born October 19, 1996
OFA Good

BWBC Dan ABC 22375

Our Dogs - BWBC Dan

Pedigree • Male • Born December 27, 1990

BWBC Finale ABC 320231

BWBC Cinder’s Grand Finale AKC DN21638301
Pedigree • Female • Born March 28, 2008
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Finale has a heart of gold and loves cuddling. Finale dabbled in agility but has more herding drive. She is intelligent with a wide vocabulary including several words for “treat.” Finale is now retired and living with Olivia.

BWBC Friction ABC 296041

BWBC Extra Heat AKC DN16045801
Pedigree • Female • Born August 14, 2006
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Friction is a sweet girl, very oriented, and social. Friction appeals to almost everyone with her sweet personality and her beautiful looks. Although Friction is a lower drive border collie, her puppies are succeeding at all different sports especially Frisbee and agility.

BWBC Gale ABC 388246

BWBC Gale AKC DN45274101
Pedigree • Female • Born October 2, 2012
OFA Fair • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Gale came to us at 8 weeks from a litter sired by Dealer. She loves to make sure everyone is pleased with her; everything she does is to make her owner, Sam Jackson, proud. She always has a blast doing agility and catching frisbees. Gale gets along great with all animals including all dogs, cats, horses and even rabbits! Gale retired having had one litter sired by Mat.

BWBC Get A Grip ABC 216662

Our Dogs - BWBC Get a Grip

BWBC Get A Grip AKC DL81640001
Pedigree • Female • September 25, 2002
OFA Good

BWBC Gill ABC 167484

Our Dogs - BWBC Gill

BWBC Gill AKC DL85083301
Pedigree • Male • Born March 15, 2000
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

BWBC Glen ABC 40454

Our Dogs - BWBC Glen

Pedigree • Male • Born July 15, 1993

BWBC Hope ABC 11652

Our Dogs - BWBC Hope

Pedigree • Female • Born September 20, 1988
OFA Good

BWBC Jill ABC 12995

Our Dogs - BWBC Jill

Pedigree • Female • Born March 31, 1989
OFA Good

BWBC Katrina ABC 269378

BWBC Katrina AKC DN12796602
Pedigree • Female • Born May 1, 2005
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Katrina is very people and wants nothing more than to give hugs to all her friends. Katrina had three wonderful litters and was a fabulous mother each time. Her puppies varied greatly especially her first Mat litter with almost every BC color represented.

BWBC Last Hope ABC 228448

Our Dogs - BWBC Last Hope

BWBC Ambers Last Hope AKC DN0411801
Pedigree • Female • Born May 30, 2003
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

BWBC Mandee ABC 344229

BWBC In High Demand AKC DN25466401
Pedigree • Female • Born June 27, 2009
OFA Fair • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Mandee is the best parts of both her parents (Bea and Briscoe/Joe). Mandee is a very traditional border collie in her structure, attitude, and markings. She has a personality that gets along with both people and dogs. Mandee pups typically have mid-line drive and majority are in families with kids and/or other dogs.

BWBC Mercy Me ABC 356163

2010 LC and Dealer Female 2 (BWBC Mercy)

BWBC Mercy Me AKC DN29086402
Pedigree • Female • July 9, 2010
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Mercy is our active little border collie who can jump insane heights. Mercy is relatively high drive but very people/handler focused. Rather petite, Mercy has wonderful control of her body and uses that to her advantage when playing with other dogs. Mercy has not had pups, however, her siblings are all very successful in their sports, one was the main herding boy at Frederick Geese Police .

BWBC Minnie ABC 23861

Pedigree • Female • March 26, 1991
OFA Fair

BWBC Mirage ABC 410996

BWBC Mirage AKC DN45819402
Pedigree • Female • September 2, 2014
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage

Mirage is a very special dog. She came to Branchwater like AutaBInPicturz (Dealer) did on the day that Dealer passed. Mirage has a nice, sporty build. She loves toys and is playful with other dogs and people. She is smart and very focused. She is a dilute carrier which means that her pups can be any color of the BC rainbow.

BWBC Misty ABC 349615

Worlds 2014

BWBC Blinded by the Light AKC DN276636/07
Pedigree •  Female • Born January 9, 2010
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Irie is a very special dog with a ton of drive. There is nothing she would rather do than chase disc. Irie attended Worlds in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 placing in the top 10 for extreme distance. Irie loves to snuggle when the disc is away.  Irie is very confidant and a sweet girl. Her pups share her drive in agility and frisbee.

BWBC Nan ABC 22374

Our Dogs - BWBC Nan

Pedigree • Female • Born December 27, 1990
OFA Good

BWBC Oreo ABC 142322

Our Dogs - BWBC Oreo

Pedigree • Female • Born January 9, 1999
OFA Good

BWBC R U Ready ABC 142319

Our Dogs - BWBC R U Ready

BWBC R U Ready AKC DL81639601
Pedigree • Female • Born December 25, 1998
OFA Good

BWBC Rosa ABC 199651

Our Dogs - BWBC Rosa

BWBC Rose Above All OA OAJ OF AKC DN89987401
Pedigree • Female • October 26, 2001
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Rosa was a fabulous dog and a stellar agility dog. She was originally sold but came back to us at 5 months old. Rosa has been shown in USDAA and AKC agility and was awarded several titles along with being invited to USDAA Nationals at age 11 (she turned 12 there!) Rosa got very used to traveling with all of the agility trials she has attended and loved being in the car. Rosa excelled at agility and taught many different people how to handle. Rosa ran her last agility run at the 2014 Branchwater USDAA trial.

BWBC Sally ABC 40453

Pedigree • Female • Born July 15, 1993
OFA Good

BWBC Taz ABC 213066

Our Dogs - BWBC Taz

BWBC Taz AKC DN01492401
Pedigree • Female • Born July 9, 2002
OFA Good

BWBC WhiteHot ABC 246012

Our Dogs - BWBC White Hot

Pedigree • Female • Born February 5, 2004
OFA Good

BWBC Wink ABC 334186

BWBC In a New York Minute AKC DN24435603
Pedigree • Female • Born December 28, 2008
OFA Fair • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Wink is a wonderful pup from Sable and Gill. She is very high drive like her sister, Blink, and is suited for agility. She is very sociable but prefers to be the center of attention. Most of her pups are relatively calm despite Wink’s drive. Wink’s full siblings are successful in herding, disc, and agility.

BWBC Yes I Can ABC 173232

Our Dogs - BWBC Yes I Can

BWBC Yes I Can AKC DL89860201
Pedigree • Female • Born July 26, 2000
OFA Good

BWBC Yes I Tri ABC 183757

Our Dogs - BWBC Yes I Tri

BWBC Yes I Tri AKC DL87414807
Pedigree  • Female • Born July 26, 2000
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

BWBC/O Blur ABC 211286

Our Dogs - BWBCO Blur

BWBC O Double Vision AKC DN01234201
Pedigree • Male • Born June 1, 2002
OFA Fair

BWBC/O ICanRace ABC 231779

Our Dogs - BWBCO I Can Zip 2

BWBC Orion I Can Rac AKC DN04717402
Pedigree • Female • Born June 15, 2003
OFA Good

BWBC/O Looker ABC 211301

Our Dogs - BWBCO Looker

BWBC Orion All Eyes on Me AKC DN01233802
Pedigree • Female • Born April 12, 2002
OFA Good

BWBC/O Meant2B ABC 231778

Our Dogs - BWBCO Meant to Be

BWBC Orion Meant to Be AKC DN04717401
Pedigree • Female • Born June 15, 2003
OFA Good

BWBC/O Wyn ABC 240035

Our Dogs - BWBCO Wyn

BWBC Orion Race for the Rose AKC DN06457801
Pedigree • Female • Born January 4, 2004
OFA Excellent
AKC Canine Good Citizen

Daisy ABC 131504

Our Dogs - Daisy

Daisy AKC DL85084301
Pedigree • Female • Born June 6, 1998
OFA Good

Derek ABC 123946

Our Dogs - Derek

Derek AKC DL81641001
Pedigree • Female • Born May 1, 1998
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Fletcher ABC 156550

Our Dogs - Fletcher

Fletcher II AKC DL81639501 • NASDS N64701
Pedigree • Male • Born January 29, 1996
OFA Good

Imp. Jim ABC 54761

Our Dogs - Imp Jim

Jim II AKC DL85085402
Pedigree • Male • Born June 10, 1993
OFA Good

Joe ABC 190470

Our Dogs - Joe

Joe AKC DN05345501
Pedigree • Male • Born May 5, 2001
OFA Good

KFBI Tina ABC 70095

Our Dogs - KFBI Tina

KFBI Tina DL85083101 • NASDS N-62817
Pedigree • Female • Born January 17, 1995
OFA Good

Max ABC 210109


Max AKC DN10509701
Pedigree • Male • Born April 29, 2002
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Max was a big love bug. He was the biggest Branchwater dog but certainly did not act like the big man. He was very sweet and will roll right over on his back to get belly rubs whenever the opportunity presents itself. He loved being outside, especially in the snow. His pups have excelled in all sports and are just as affectionate as he is. We have now been able to track his line for several generations and health clearances continue to be good. Max passed in May of 2016 at the age of 14. We will always miss our cuddly boy.

Missy ABC 88004

Our Dogs - Missy

Missy IV AKC AKDCDL85083501
Pedigree • Female • Born September 11, 1993
OFA Good

Nirvana ABC 213969

Our Dogs - Nirvana

Nirvana AKC DN05345101
Pedigree • Female • Born September 1, 2002
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Queen ABC 82973

Our Dogs - Queen

Queen AKC DL85083401
Pedigree • Female • Born December 3, 1995
OFA Good

RH Kate ABC 419372

RH Kate   AKC DN47687801
Pedigree •  Female •  Born April 5, 2015
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

Kate comes from strong herding lines, but she loves to play with toys. She loves people, kids, adults, and dogs…she is a big love bug with lots of energy to expend. Kate is now retired.

Savannah ABC 116557

Our Dogs - Savannah

Savannah II AKC DL85550001
Pedigree • Female • Born April 27, 1997
OFA Good

Silvertip’s Beyond a Dream NADS 69557

Our Dogs - Silvertips Beyond a Dream

Silvertip’s Beyond a Dream AKC DL798117705
Pedigree • Female • Born June 23, 1999
OFA Good

Tammy ABC 122166

Our Dogs - Tammy

Tammy AKC DL81640701
Pedigree • Female • Born February 9, 1998
OFA Good