Foundation Females

5H Jenny ABC 407363

5H Jenny AKC DN45274201
Pedigree • Female • Born May 25, 2014
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage • TNS Normal by Parentage • IGS Normal by Parentage

Jenny came to Branchwater in February 2015. She was a herding in Texas but having some troubles getting along with another dog on the farm. Knowing that Jenny was Alzada’s half-sister, we outreached to the previous owners. She has been a blast since the day she arrived and gets along well with the Branchwater crew. Jenny is very bubbly, affectionate, has a huge amount of toy drive, and loves the disc. We are hoping to see her sweet temperament and affectionate nature in any future pups.

Jenny disc pictures courtesy of Wayne Ramsey and Jeff Berquist

BWBC Babble ABC 394775

BWBC Something to Talk About DN37588801
Pedigree • Female • Born July 13, 2013
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal • CL Normal

After seeing Clover’s litter, we decided to repeat the BWBC/O Wyn and AutaBInPicturz breeding. Babble has not let us down. She is the sweetest pup and loves to run. She is a smart dog and takes pride in her Houdini ability to get out of almost any crate. Weighing about 25 pounds, she is much smaller than her older sister but just as fast.

BWBC Clover ABC 366409

BWBC Wyn’s Lucky Clover AKC DN311541/01
Pedigree •  Female • Born April 25, 2011
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Clover is a very driven dog yet well-mannered. Clover earned her AKC Community Canine title and competes in disc dog, agility, and rally/obedience with her handler, Olivia. They have competed in World disc competitions (2014 and 2016). When it’s time to unwind, Clover will happily curl up with her family.

BWBC Kinky ABC 451525

BWBC 50 Shades of Gray TKA # DN50720203
Pedigree •  Female •Born June 9, 2017
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage

BWBC Loop ABC 435362

BWBC Finale’s Playin’ on Repeat AKC DN468743/02
Pedigree •  Female • Born May 28, 2016
OFA- Good • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage

Loop has the best of both parents and is everything (and more) for which we could have asked. She was named after her mom’s registered name and is a spitting image of her mom in merle form. Loop loves everyone she meets especially in agility classes. She is a well-balanced girl and will play hard and crash hard.

BWBC Scandal ABC 424663

BWBC Midnight Cowgirl AKC DN44205803
Pedigree • Female • Born August 16, 2015
OFA Excellent Hips • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage

Scandal is from the final Katrina and Mat litter. After seeing previous Katrina/Mat pups, we wanted to keep the line going. Scandal is smart and has already taken to disc and agility foundations. She is not a huge border collie but is well built and tough. She gets along with other dogs.

BWBC Wick ABC 390325

BWBC Candle in the Wind AKC DN36819906
Pedigree • Female • Born February 28, 2013
OFA Good • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal

Wick is a total sweetheart. She was from a litter of seven and immediately stood out as a leader and an intelligent little pup. Wick has done some herding and Frisbee competitions, but her heart is in agility. She has gone to Nationals.

BWBC ZuZu ABC 435363

BWBC Finale’s ZuZu DN46874303
Pedigree • Female • Born May 28, 2016
OFA Fair • CEA/CH Normal by Parentage • CL Normal by Parentage

ZuZu is a sweet, even tempered dog who loves cuddling. She is low drive with a nice amount of toy drive for a family not interested in dog sports. While we hadn’t planned to keep two girls from this litter, ZuZu and Loop brought two very different personalities to the table and both should produce great pups for different reasons.

HC Chelsea ABC 465965

HC Chelsea DN63235601
Pedigree • Female • Born May 2, 2018
OFA Good • CEA/CH Normal  • CL Normal

L & M Star ABC 396577

L & M Star AKC DN47687901
Pedigree • Female • Born September 6, 2013
OFA Excellent Hips • OFA Normal Elbows • CEA/CH Carrier • CL Normal • IGS Normal • TNS Normal

Star also came to use from 5H Farms in Alzada, Montana. Star is everything we wanted ad more; she is well trained, sweet, and gets along with other people and dogs. Before coming to us, Star had one litter of pups at 5H. We are so grateful to Joyce and 5H Farms for another lovely dog.

Some Star photos are courtesy of 5H Farms.