Bridget Thomas

BridgetWithAllDogsBridget Thomas has been a fixture in Maryland agility for the last ten years, and before that she was learning, teaching and training in New York and New Jersey since 1999. Her focus has mainly involved training for dog sports but over the years she has become an animal behavior nerd and spends as much time as she can during the year learning through continuing education conferences, seminars and online learning.

Bridget believes that the heart of all dog sports and dog training should revolve around fun and the human canine bond! She thrives on helping her students find the same joy working with their dogs as she does with her own.

In the world of agility Bridget’s dogs have ranked among the best in the country, heading to the finals in both AKC and USDAA Nationals every time they’ve attended. She has also competed and excelled with her dogs in herding, earthdog, lure coursing, racing, rally, disc dog, dock diving, and soon, drafting. She is also very interested in canine fitness and trick training and incorporates those two activities into all of her foundation training.