Olivia Cawley

Olivia likes to say that I was “thrown” into the world of dog sports and training.  Having grown up loving dogs, but only having one as a child, Olivia leapt at the opportunity to work in a kennel.  Four days after Olivia started work at Branchwater, Clover was born.  Olivia had her named the first time she met her and knew it would be hard to see her go.  When Doreen said she planned to keep her, Olivia was over the moon and offered to socialize her.  Long story short, after several months, it was clear that Olivia would be training and housing Clover for the foreseeable future. Training her has been a treat, and Olivia thinks she has learned more than Clover has.  After many sessions of obedience, Olivia decided to show Clover in both obedience and rally, however as most border collies, her true passions lies in play. Clover loves to play with discs both competitively and for fun. Frisbee is so enjoyable for both of them, and Clover excels in it.  Upon Finale’s retirement, Olivia welcomed her into the home. Olivia now has a Clover puppy with whom she has started agility and disc as well. Olivia started teaching classes at Branchwater in January of 2014 and has loved seeing her students grow and progress.  In addition to spending time at Branchwater, Olivia is a third grade teacher. She loves seeing young children bringing their dogs to classes!