Nosework Courses

We are so excited to be offering nosework courses at Branchwater!

Kaiser K9’s Introduction to Scent Detection July-August 2016 Course
Registration Open: June 17 – July 1
How To Register:
  1. Registration will open on June 17th at 12:00pm.
  2. Choose online or cash/check payment option
  3. Click “Start Training” and fill out the registration form
  4. Please specify which time slot you are registering for
  5. Follow that form to either payment or registration confirmation
Session Runs: Thursdays, July 7 – August 11
Class Times (four options):
  1. 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  2. 5:15pm – 6:15pm
  3. 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  4. 7:45pm – 8:45pm
Maximum Class Size: 4 teams per hour-class
  • This is a 6-week course for handler teams just starting out or for those teams that are titled or operational that want a clearer understanding of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of scent detection. 
  • Dogs will be introduced to at least one odor. 
  • All NEW Kaiser K9 students must enroll in this course prior to enrolling in any other nosework course.
  • Teams may take this course multiple times.
  • Dogs must be able to be crated when not working- no dogs will be allowed out when another dog is working.
  • Dogs must be up-to-date on rabies vaccination- MUST bring with you at the first class or provide to us prior to the start of class.
  • Please let us know prior to class if your dog has any aggression-related behavioral considerations such that we make appropriate accommodations. 
Class Topics:
  • What is Scent Detection?
  • What are the Goals of a Scent Detection Dog?
  • Properties of Odor and Odor Recognition
  • Use of Training Logs- Introductory Training
  • Handler Training: Responsibilities of the Handler
  • Handler Training: Reward Timing and Placement
  • K9 Training: Odor Recognition
  • K9 Training: The Search Pattern
  • K9 Training: The Formal Alert
  • How Stress Affects the Sporting Team
Equipment Requirements:
  • 4-6ft leash
  • Secure flat buckle or martingale collar. Training collars, no-pull harnesses, and head halters are permitted before and after each session but will not be used during the training session. All sessions will be performed on leash.
  • Harness (preferably roman-style or y-backed)
  • Dog treats: Treats should be small, soft but not crumbly, and easy to eat.  Please DO NOT use ‘stinky’ treats such as hot dogs or fish-based treats, or anything overly moist.  Recommendations include- sliced string cheese, Zukes minis, ‘chewy’ Fruitables, Blue bits, Natural Balance mini-rewards, sliced Red Barn/Natural Balance/Happy Howies rolled dog food, etc.
  • All students will be provided with a custom Training Log at the first class.


How to Contact Kaiser K9: