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Available: July 17, 2016 — ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: QL Mat ABC 323936 and BWBC Mercy
Information:  1 male — tri blue merle

Solo is a singleton from Mercy’s first breeding to Mat. After seeing what the LC and Mat litter produced we were so excited to see this litter. Solo arrived as a single puppy but has enough personality for three or four. He has lots of drive. We were lucky to end up with a litter close enough that we could socialize them together and he really bonded with his little sisters.


Available: July 23, 2015 — ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: QL Mat ABC 323936 and BWBC Finale ABC 320231
Information:  3 females — black tri, tri blue merle, kryptic blue merle

Finale and Mat’s final litter was born on May 28th. After having a litter of all males, Finale gave us her three little girls. They are fighters as they had a hard time starting off. However, after the first 12 hours they really got going and just didn’t stop! The girls range in drive but are all sweet as can be. 


Available: June 5th, 2016 –ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: Bairdcreek’s Sagehill Underworld Rising AKC DN203047/03 and BWBC Babble  ABC 394775
Information: 2 females, 3 males —  black and white

“The Walking Dead litter” was Babble’s first and produced three boys and two girls. This breeding is very similar to our Clover/Wolfe breeding. The pups all stayed local and will be doing a range of activities from cattle herding to frisbee.


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