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Available: August 19th, 2017 —ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: BWBC Brodie ABC 378784 and 5H Jenny ABC 407363
Information:  3 females, 1 male — black and white tri, red and white tri

Jenny and Brodie produced 4 lovely tri colored pups. They are an outgoing litter who enjoy rough and tough play time. We look forward to their futures all in repeat BWBC homes!


Available: August 4th, 2017 —ALL PUPS SOLD
Parents: 5H BWBC Alzada ABC 394192 and BWBC Mirage ABC 410996
Information:  5 females, 3 males — tri blue merle, black tri, red tri, red tri merle, and slate tri.

Mirage started off with a bang producing 8 pups in her first litter! We were very excited for the birth of these pups as it is also the first Branchwater litter out of Alzada. Mirage and Zada produced a nice mix of pups from high toy drive to high herding drive to low key and everything in between. The pups have been placed based on their drive at this point and while some will be pets, some will be future agility and disc stars!


Available: January 28th, 2017 —ALL PUPS SOLD
: QL Mat ABC 323936 and BWBC Wick ABC 390325
5 males — tri blue merle, black and white, red and white, and red merle

The Fire Boys are all full of spunk and energy. A much anticipated litter out of Wick, the boys are exactly what we hoped for when picturing this breeding. The boys each have their own drives and desires but all share in their sweet temperaments. The litter will be going to do a variety of things and we look forward to watching all of them grow.

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